Neighbors for More Neighbors—Columbus advocates for more housing for our community.

At N4MN—Columbus we acknowledge that people deserve a roof over their head. Housing is fundamental to life, and we need more of it. When housing is scarce, tenants engage in toxic competition for safe and decent apartments.

Central Ohio needs more housing units to accommodate our growing population. Central Ohio needs more affordable housing options. And Central Ohio needs to re-populate urban neighborhoods that have been hollowed out since the 1950s.

These emails will help you stay up to date on issues around housing and the zoning code update for the City of Columbus. Stay connected to see how you can advocate for more housing throughout Central Ohio! Visit our website to learn more:

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We believe in building more housing to welcome new residents into neighborhoods throughout Central Ohio.


Neighbors for More Neighbors—Columbus supports homes of all shapes and sizes for all kinds of people throughout Central Ohio.
Urban planner and researcher passionate about building vibrant and inclusive neighborhoods.